Welcome to yet another Modern Training site, but with less theory and more practical examples.

There are so many opportunities to excel in training these days that a little direction and/or opinion could be helpful. As a retired educator, I finally have the time to share my experience in training and training development.

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This is where you will find tips and techniques to get "out of the box" in training. If you think that training is "stand and deliver", I will try to show you that techniques have changed to meet the demands of current trainees and students. Most of what I will provide is training techniques but also applies to general post-secondary education.


07/22/2012 20:50

First blog

Education has changed and blogging is just a part of the new world of training. Let me know what you think of the content here. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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Vendors are selling stereographic 3D tools and curriculum packages to schools and training organizations. But most schools can't create their own 3D curricula. They have to purchase it from the vendor. It is sad that something a simple as stereo 3D curriculum development is difficult for training developers. It's a reflection on where our educational system has failed to even try to keep up. Go to the movies! Besides killing off a few brain cells, you will see that 3D movies are becoming common.

So who is progressing faster, if at all. The entertainment industry or the educational system?


08/10/2012 09:20

Even more 3D

Did anyone notice that the Mars rover Curiosity is sending back anaglyphs of it's environment? Simple Red - Cyan images. It must have some value to send it from Mars. The whole world seems to be going stereoscopic 3D.

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07/22/2012 20:51

Visitors notice

This is day one of this blog and I hope to move most of the content from a previous blog into this space as soon as possible. Note - I was disappointed with the performance of my previous provider and am trying a new track to produce this blog. That's one thing that you will see here, a...

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07/22/2012 20:50

Website launched

This website has been launched today, July 22, 2012. I will be providing step by step instructions on how to provide next level training. You can freely take anything you learn here and apply it as your own. (Rule: Never let the "not invented here" syndrome stop you from trying new things.) We...

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Is our educational system nearly as up to date as our entertainmnet industry?

Date: 10/02/2016

By: Joe Vu

Subject: Use two Arduino to control 2 steppers

Hi Dave;
Is it possible ? Can you help for a fee ?





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