About Me

My name is David Deane. I'm not a PhD on a mission, but I do have a B.S in Education, specializing in Technical, Trade and Industrial Education from Valdosta State University. In addition to around 300 credit hours in Physics, Engineering, and Education, I hold a number of patents in electronic and optical inspection equipment. My background includes Electronics R&D, Commercial Nuclear Instrumentation and 22 years with the Technical College System of Georgia as an Electronics Instructor, chair of the Trade and Industrial wing and later as a Training Developer. It is the last 11 years as a Training Developer that gave me the experience and opportunity to design software and hardware to enhance training. And oh yes, I  spent a couple of years as Ships Engineer on a sailing salvage (party) vessel. I learned more from my sailing experience than I could ever learn in a university. It's only your life that depends oh how well you perform. Sadly, not every sailor I met survived the experience.

History of project

The purpose of this project is to give other training professionals the benefit of years of experience in down to earth training content development. It will provide sample code and step by step setup of training examples that most trainers don't have time to learn on their own. Being retired, I have the time to reflect on what has worked best in actual training and boil it down to simple instructions. Some projects will be beyond the trivial, but will be achievable nonetheless. I will start with simple 3D techniques that can get your trainees excited about learning.

Our users

A typical user is anyone interested in upping their game in training. Training is expensive. The results of ineffective training can be disastrous. Wasted time in training can be depressing, so users of this site can benefit from this site and also benefit this site with interactive forums. Users have great ideas that never get shared. Now's the time.



Vidalia, Georgia